Drag and drop the "Add To MyWishtry " button onto your browser's bookmark bar. Once installed, just click it when you find an item online that you want to add to your gift list.
wishtry testimonial

Cate Cafe Studio

Wishtry was a great experience for Cat Café Studio. It was especially brilliant that we could put up a list of the exact things we wanted from the very websites we trusted. That's what made the experience of receiving those gifts so unique. We received a lot more than we expected, and we'd like to thank Wishtry for reaching out to us with this idea. Our kitties are eternally grateful!


wishtry testimonial

Ritu Jain

During the planning of my son's first birthday I was extremely apprehensive due to the fear of unwanted, passed-on or repitative gifts as I had seen that episode in the past with friends and family. I heard about the Wishtry through my sister and I thought it sounded like an interesting concept but I wasn't sure how many people would actually follow it. I went ahead and created a wishtry anyways. All I had to do was register and login on www.wishtry.in and create my Wishlist. It was really that simple. At first I dint expect much from it..but it took me by surprise as the event came closer..i had recieved almost all the gifts I wished for and the most amazing feature in this was 'Mark as Purchased' which totally eradicated the nuisance or repitation of most common gifts I had a fantastic experience and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU TO WISHTRY!! It really made our wishes come true!! I also recommended it further to many more friends they were extremely happy using WISHTRY.

wishtry testimonial

Jesal Jhaveri

Wishtry ..was a perfect way to celebrate my daughters's first birthday !!! it was really easy to use and we could pick any gift from any store! . The perfect solution for all gift giving celebrations! Thank you Wishtry!

wishtry testimonial

Karishma Bhagi

A friend recommended Wishtry. My recent experience with Wishtry for my son's birthday was a breeze. The process was simple, it is linked to Amazon and similar shopping apps which consumers often visit. It's just about the trend picking up in India and how Wishtry will flourish in this field. All the Best.

wishtry testimonial

Nilima Mohite

I was tired of receiving and gifting meaningless gifts. For my son’s  1st birthday , we received tons of toys and gifts. Even after 5 years some of them haven’t been opened. Many of them were huge and not for his age group. Out of the opened ones, he did not even play with a few of them. Now last two years, I have started with ‘No gifts’. 2 birthdays with ‘No Gifts’ mentioned on the invite but still we received some repeat gifts. Last year, I read about Wishtry on a fellow mommy bloggers post. So for son’s 6th birthday, I asked him what gifts he wanted. He primarily asked for board games. I have been shortlisting a few books.  The app and Website, give you a list of partner website from where you can choose the gifts. Your guests don’t have to hunt for the gifts. The guests can see the various offers and choose according to their budget. So I didn’t feel guilty of asking for expensive things for my son.  I liked the ‘Add to Wishtry’ option you can drag to your browser and add items when you see one.  Some gifts were delivered to my house. Some gifts the guests got it delivered to their house and brought them at the birthday party. So I added all the gifts to “Pranav’s 6th Birthday” Wishtry. I sent the list to his grandparents, aunts and uncles. 1 week before the birthday, a few friends asked what he would like to be gifted. I sent them the wishtry.  They scolded me for not sending it along with the invite.  We received 80% of the gifts my son wanted and the ones he will use for a long time.  Now I have already created and sent the birthday gift list for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Again they are specifically books and wooden toys she will enjoy. I am cursing myself of not making a Wishtry for her first birthday. Curating one more for my own birthday next.

wishtry testimonial

Shubham Zanwar

“We used wishtry for creating a wish list for a NGO visit we had planned from office. The software helped us work seamlessly despite our large group size by providing quick updates when an item was purchased while also allowing admins to link to products on amazon.in which made buying products very easy. All this coupled with smooth login integration with services like facebook and google made for a completely successful campaign. Thank you Wishtry!”

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