10 Essential Items to Add to your Wedding WISHTRY

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Your guests will more than likely want to buy you a wedding gift, so to make life easier for them, why not give them a helping hand and set up a wedding WISHTRY?

You’re basically picking out a gift wish-list that includes everything you’d need to start your life together! Now if that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve put together a handy list of the 10 items that are quintessential wedding wishtry choices – and for good reason.

Consider adding gifts with a variety of values; some guests will be able to afford more than others, so ensure you’ve got plenty of options on there.

1. A Nice Set of Crockery

You’ll no doubt want to host a dinner party or two in the future and what about when you’ve got the whole family round for a future Diwali? A nice cutlery set will make a nice change from your standard every day set – only to be brought out on special occasions.

2. Luxury Bedding

Having good quality bedding makes a huge difference to your night’s sleep. If this is something you wouldn’t normally splash out on, why not stick it on your wishtry?

3. Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is the hottest new ‘must-have’ for your kitchen. They are easy to use, the coffee tastes delicious and you’ll save a fortune on take-out coffee from the high street!

4. Pots and Pans

Now is the best time to upgrade your cooking essentials. Add a well-known brand of pots and pans to your wedding gift list for future cooking pleasure.

5. Posh Wine Glasses

Whether you prefer red, white, rosé or all three, a good set of wine glasses is essential for those stressful days at work or a dinner party on the weekend. Nice wine glasses will last you forever, and while you’re at it, you might as well put some Champagne glasses on your wedding gift list too!


6. Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

If you’ve never had Egyptian cotton towels before then be sure to add a set or two to your gift list. Egyptian cotton towels feel amazing when you’ve stepped out of the bath or shower, and once you’ve tried them, you won’t ever want to go back.

7. A Tea Set

If you’ve not been fortunate enough to have one handed down to you, it might be worth adding a tea set to your wedding gift list. Don’t forget to include the tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, and enough cups and saucers for at least 6. You never know when you might be throwing an afternoon tea party and this set should last you a lifetime.

8. Camera

If you don’t have a professional camera, this is the moment. Capture every special moment with a professional touch and a must have in your wedding wishtry!

9. Photo Frames


When your wedding and honeymoon are over you should have hundreds of photographic memories to look at. Why not ask for lovely photo frames in advance, so when you’ve got your wedding photos back, you can select your favourites to dot all around your house to remind you both of your special day?

10. Cheese Platter

A cheese plate always adds to the party. Take the cheese presentation to the next level when you register for this distinctive marble cheese board from The label life.

Don’t feel guilty adding your must-have items to your wedding Wishtry. It is a win-win situation – they know what you actually want and will use, instead of having to take a guess and risk buying you something that you don’t want or need.

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