6 Rakshabandhan Gift options that should totally be on your Wishtry, this year!

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He ate your share of the pudding, but completed your journal too. You teased him around his friends, but helped them patch up their fights too. You covered for each other, but seldom turned into a tattletale too. That’s what brothers and sisters do – share a unique bond that thrives as much on differences as it does on love! It’s that time of the year when we celebrate this unique brother – sister bond – it’s RakshaBandhan!

Festivals in India are incomplete without rituals and ceremonies, and those of RakshaBandhan are synonymous with tying of Rakhi, sweets, old Hindi bhai–behen songs and gifts. While sisters get busy scheduling their visit and choosing the perfect Rakhi, brothers end up losing their sleep while selecting the most befitting gift for their sisters. Yes siblings might know each other well, but we all have been down that road where we received gifts we desired, only wrapped up in a boy’s taste! We have been on both the sides of the fence and back, so Wishtry is here to help you cherish the gift you always wanted to receive while also saving some energy of your busy-bee brother – create a Rakshabandhan wishlist with us now and share it with all your brothers!

Here are 6 amazing things that you have always wanted – Rakshabandhan is your time to wishfully get them!


  1. If color and quirk are elements of your décor style statement, then there is no better way to light up your house and memories than this super cool brother –sister themed clock. No matter what time it is, when you look at this one to find out your face will lighten up with a bright nostalgic smile.

Rakhi Glass Clock : ₹ 1250

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2. Are music & exercise inseparable for you? Then you haven’t experienced its perfect bliss  until you have worked out with these sweat proof earphones by TAGG Inferno. Their best thing is their durable design, after their battery life that gives a playtime of 7 hours! Oh and did we mention they have complete mobile compatibility with full call control? Rise and shine fellas, it’s time to break some sweat! 


 Sweat-proof wireless sports headset₹ 2399

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3. If tea is more than just tea for you, if tea is life for you, then trying new blends must be a routine adventure! Why not let your brother help take you one step closer to becoming a tea connoisseur? Indulge in this luxury tea hamper featuring White Chamomile, Rose Black and a delicious mix of dried fruits to complement your tea buds.

Luxury Tea Hamper: ₹ 2499

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4. If being prepared is your thing, then this functional and classy tote from Viari is all that you need to seize the day and make it yours! Big enough to fit your iPad but small enough to not weigh you down, this versatile piece will be your first pick for all occasions, personal and professional alike.

Viari Muse Tote Bag: ₹ 5600

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5. Being a new you was never this easy! If you love adorning new looks but also love your hair too much to schedule permanent changes at the salon, then this wholesome styler kit is just the right fit for you! Put on that stylist hat and lend your hair, beautiful curls – ranging from bouncy to cute, you can have it all.

Personalize Your Style Styler Kit Hair Curler :  ₹ 5999

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6. Whoever said ignorance is bliss definitely did not try a fitness band ever! Weather you get motivated by progress or a slack period shakes you up to act, the activity tracker by Garmin is a must have for anyone on a journey to get fit. From steps taken to calories burnt, heart rate to intensity minutes, it breaks down and measures everything your body does.  Get this one and gift yourself the power of being informed and aware at all times!                                           



Garmin Vivosmart HR activity tracker : ₹ 12990   

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With amazing gifts like these, you can have what you want and let your brother have the joy of gifting you just what you desire and need! Just click on the ‘Add To My Wishtry’ button and relax, let your brother and Wishtry do the rest!

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