Going the #Virushka way? List these must-haves in your Wedding Wishtry!

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Going the #Virushka way? List these must-haves in your Wishtry! Eleven things that you’d probably need but may have slipped out of your mind…

It’s the wedding season. Whether you’re following the (small) celebration ways of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma or you’re having the typical ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’, we’d like to congratulate you on taking the plunge and converting from one to two!

With all the other things that make it to your wedding planning, there’s another that comes in plenty – gifts!

Make sure you get the gifts you and your spouse require and in the process make the job of those wanting to gift you something easier by setting up your Wedding Wishtry!

Don’t know what you want yet? This list may help!

1. Amazon Echo/Google Home

It’s just a matter of time before we move to smart homes. Take the first step. These products function to voice commands and can help you make phone calls, switch off lights or just listen to music.

Range: Rs 3,100 onwards

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2. Air Purifiers

Another piece of equipment that’s gaining currency. With air pollution rising across the country, an air purifier helps keeping your room/house clean.

Range: Rs 8,999 onwards.

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3. Beachwear

Heading out for that honeymoon by the beach? With all the wedding shopping, the beach honeymoon wardrobe could go for a toss.

It could be bikini or a sarong or a kaftan or even the entire set.

Range: Rs 1,200 for a bikini, paired with a sarong at Rs 399. If you’re not into bikinis, mention that!

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4. Couches/furniture

You may continue with your mad house parties, but trust us, you can’t continue with the furniture that’s already seen its fair share of partying!

You could do with a sofa, dining chairs, coffee table or all of them!

Range: Depending on the item.

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5. Fitbits/fitness trackers

While you may have lost all the kilograms in the lead up to the wedding, announce to the world that you intend on staying fit. Even if you don’t intend to, these fitness trackers will help you stay fit!

Range: Rs 6,000 to 20,000

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6. Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils are gaining currency as they come with several therapeutic benefits and also provide fragrance.

Ask for the flavour of your choice!

Range: Rs. 250 per bottle. Combine as many as you’d want to make your ultimate gift pack!

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7. Personalised name plates

Moving houses post your wedding? Or just want to add your spouse’s name to the name plate? Make sure you get the fancy name plate your house requires!

Range: Rs 1,500 to 21,000.

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8. Suitcases

From your honeymoon to the next destination wedding or your work trip, trendy baggage is always of help. Just mention your size preference though depending on the type of traveler you are!

Range: Rs 4,500 upwards

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9. Toasters/Microwaves/Ovens

When you’re single you could do away with a sandwich or a cold meal rather than a hot and crispy toast or a piping hot paneer tikka masala!

Range: Rs 1,000 onwards

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10. Televisions/Other entertainment electronics

Televisions and other entertainment electronics get obsolete in a flash these days. So, while people look to hand ‘memorable gifts’ to couples these must-haves could go missing. So, if you need any of these for your new house, announce it!

Range: Rs 12,000 upwards (depending on the size, which HAS to be mentioned)

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11. Watches

Watches are all time favourites. Whether it’s a ‘him and her’ collection or just a single piece for one half of the couple, watches make for great gifts. Unisex watches are on the rise too.

Just announce the price range or the brand, otherwise watch gifting can get tricky!

Range: ANYTHING (but do mention it)

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Have anything else in mind other than these 11, list it in the comments below or write to us! We’ll have the best of the lot added to the squad!

Congratulations again on your impending special day! May pictures/videos of your nuptials be shared and get spoken about as much as #Virushka!

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