My pet – My valentine!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls!!

It is that time of the year again when we remember – to love! It is the time when candle makers get noticed for their existence, red becomes more vogue than loud, and chocolates beat their self-set cliché standards. Yes, it’s the Valentine’s Day week and we are sure some of you are already receiving and spreading its love, vibe and more. So while you get busy planning the perfect day and gift for your partner or human bestie, you wouldn’t want to leave your pet out of the celebrations; because sure, Hoomans (sorry, blame it on the memes) are cool and all that, but aren’t pets the best ever?

This Valentines, we at Wishtry are celebrating the day of love with our pets and we are more than excited to spread this idea to one and all.  If you are a pet owner, pet lover or just pet friendly, we have some fun, sweet and simple ways to shower love and affection on these little bundles of joy!

  • Cake it up
    Whether we are having a crazy bash or a cozy dinner, cake is the heart of every occasion and expression alike. From farewell parties to weddings, promotions to anniversaries, all we need is a chance to indulge in this delightful treat. Yes, we are thinking exactly what you are – why should only we humans have all the cake and eat it too!? This Valentines, make your pet go nom nom nom – treat him/her to a cake customized for its taste buds. As the cake-philos say, cake is nothing but love made deliciously edible! Here are some interesting bakeries that make delectable and safe cakes for dogs: Harley’s corner in Mumbai & Bark on Gourmet in Delhi.



  • Dress up and Deck up!
    One of the most rudimentary yet timeless joys is to see your valentine get dressed in attire bought by you. Why should your pet Valentine be any different, right? Get him/her his new look and soak in the heightened cuteness it exudes after. Wishtry found a cute collection of dresses at Heads up for tails – check it out, the perfect date dress might be waiting to get picked up by you! Even better, they have a curated love box that makes up for an all-rounder and perfect Valentine gift for your pet. Go on and get mushy, this is the day 🙂



  • A date with your pet mate!
    We know that a tiny part of you sinks every time you leave your mutt behind and step out to enjoy a meal. We also know how at each of these times, you wish that this entire society was a pet friendly entity, sigh! Well this world has a lot of catching up to do on this front, but we are elated that the movement has begun and growing. Yes, now both you and your pet can enjoy a meal together at a number of cozy and safe pet friendly eateries. So celebrate this Valentine ’s Day by surprising your four legged loved one with some lovely food and lovelier company of thou, here are some Wishtry picks to help you get going!
  • Mumbai: Pefe, the Pet Cafe , Andheri west
  • Gurgaon: Off the Leash, Gurgaon
  • Bangalore: TherPup Dog Cafe, Whitefield



  • Love, luxury and Pamper!
    If you are the kind who loves bouts of luxury in your life, then we bet you have raised your baby pet no different. This Valentine’s day, you can coddle your pet with a little bit of luxury and a lot of love by planning a pamper-full get away to a pet friendly resort – Wishtry favorite is Paw heaven in Karjat. You and your pet can get a spa, relaxing massage, a dip in the river and piped music while you soak together in the goodness of nature. As they say, the only thing sweeter than getting pampered is, well, pampering someone else 🙂



  • Mingle and mix at Cat cafe
    Single much and no pet yet? Don’t worry, we have the perfect spot to hook you up on a date with one. And none can be swankier than Valentine’s Day to let some real (read: pet) love into your life – head to Cat Cafe in Versova and un-single with their adorable purr factories and a super chill team. Pretty cool, we know. But you know what’s cooler? We have more than just cat love in common with them; Just like us, they also believes in the power of sharing their wishful needs – check out their sweet-some and heartfelt Wishtry here. If you are the one who loves to express through gifts and gestures, go on, Valentine’s is the perfect day to share and receive love and more.



So make this Valentines a memorable and different one. Pull down your socks, unlock the leash and create memories that you will reminisce for a lifetime… Oh! and btw, we love chocolates; they have become a common cliche for a reason – because they are super-duper awesome!

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