Offbeat honeymoon destinations for the offbeat couples!!

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Honeymoon is a much needed break that couples need after the exhausting shaadi shenanigans. However, couples today get so overwhelmed by the wedding planning that they do not put any thought or time into planning their honeymoon. A honeymoon is a like a marker, a statement that things are different now, that you are a married couple. Yes we know most couples today have vacationed together before and will take many vacations later on in life, but no other vacation will be your honeymoon, right!

Just like everything else, make this honeymoon truly you – do what excites both of you as a couple! Here are some avant – garde honeymoon ideas for the not so conventional couples of today!

1. Tanzania
From natural landscapes to an adventurous safari, from wildlife viewing to a relaxing beach holiday, Tanzania has all of this perfectly packaged across price points. Whether you are the rustic adventurous kinds or the ultra-luxury lovers, this country has all the elements to make your honeymoon a memorable one.

Main attractions:
Arusha for a relaxed bar scene and gateway to wildlife safaris(Serengeti, Lake Manyara)
Ngorongoro CraterWorld’s largest inactive and intact volcanic site, healthy wildlife population
Stone town World heritage site, local culture, bazaars, house of wonders, waterfront
Zanzibar islandsexotic beach resorts and experiences, village tours, spice plantations

Best time to visit: Tanzania can be visited all year along except in monsoon which lasts between April & May

Set up your honeymoon fund with Wishtry and maximize your trip to this beautiful country by adding the not-to-miss activities to your registry right away!
• The Serengeti Safari fund
• Chill out in Zanibar fund
• Immerse in Stone town history fund

2. Tawang

Smallest district of Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is among the least populous districts of India. With Tibet to its north and Bhutan towards its south, its greatest asset is its location! Abundant in both natural beauty and cultural history, Tawang is a mystical location with lakes, waterfalls, mountains and monasteries to visit. If you like to add a dash of exploration and natural adventure to your honeymoon trip, then Tawang is your place to be.

Main attractions:
Sela Pass Snow covered in winters, known for spectacular scenic views
Tawang Monastery – Buddhist monastery, second largest in Asia and largest in India, offers a look into monk’s life.
Madhuri Lake – Formed as a result of an earthquake, lake offers an absolutely delightful view of crystal clear water, mountains, valley and trees amid the lake.
Taktsang Gompa – 45 kms from Tawang, dense forests and Buddhist shrine

Best time to visit: Situated at 10,000 feet above sea level, the climate is cold throughout the year with snow in the winters. The best time to visit depends on your joint love for winters.

Already in love with Tawang? Create a Serenity meets adventure fund for your honeymoon and let your friends and family part-take in curating it; make it fun by allowing your guests to team up in two categories while contributing– for e.g. the serenity basker’s gift here, and the adventure seeker’s gift here.

3. Iceland
If you want to spend your honeymoon on the most beautiful setting on earth, coupled with activities like hiking, horseback riding, ice-climbing and chasing the Northern lights, then Iceland is the perfect destination for you. Situated on a hot spot on the earth, Iceland has a mixture of ice and fire, glaciers and hot springs. If you would like your honeymoon to be full of both, romance and adrenaline rush, then Iceland will leave you charmed for life.

Main attractions:
Reykjavik Iceland’s capital, wild nightlife, lively art, music and literary scenes
Hot spring experience – Both free and charged experiences are available
Northern Lights – Also known as Aurora borealis, these are visible between September to March
Road tripping – Based on the time you have, Iceland can be covered road tripping via ring road that encircles the country. National Parks, glaciers, waterfalls and activities like ice skating, whale watching and hiking can be covered en route.

Best time to visit: Iceland is beautiful to visit all year around, however, if you want to experience the magic of northern lights, then September to March is the best time.

Yes we know, Iceland is quite daunting on the pockets, but it is more than what it’s worth, is what they all say! Let your guests know this is what fires you up and create your honeymoon cash fund on Wishtry now! Add the one of its kind hot spring experience to your fund and make the most of this once in a lifetime experience.

4. Turkey
For couples that like to romance over the confluence of eastern and western cultures, Turkey offers a ravishingly unique experience. From the hustle bustle of the Istanbul bazaars to its vibrant nightlife, from the laid back beach holiday of Bodrum to the natural beauty of Pamukkale, this country will help you tick most of the check boxes of a perfectly holistic holiday. Not to forget, the delicious Turkish cuisine is a heaven for couples who love food.

Main attractions:
Istanbul – Diverse and vibrant, Istanbul is known for its great bazaars, luxury wine and dine experiences, rich cultural heritage and vibrant nightlife, all packed in one city.
Bodrum – A unique blend of archaeological heritage and spectacularly serene azure blue bays – known for beaches, boat rides, night life.
Pamukkale – Historic remains, hot springs, surreal natural beauty, ancient castles
Cappadocia – Valleys and unique rock formations, hot air balloon rides, Cave hotels, antique shops and restaurants

Best time to visit: Turkey has pleasant temperatures and clear skies between April to June and September to November, making it the ideal time to visit. Summers are hot, and winters cold.

With so much do in one country, you will need a bit of planning and a lot of funds!
Create a cash fund on Wishtry, add your wishful activities to the registry and allow your guests to choose and gift you their favorite ones
• Hot air balloon ride fund
• Shopping spree fund in Istanbul bazaars
• The Bodrum Cruise fund

5. Hiddensee islands, Germany
Weddings can be exhausting, and if your idea of honeymoon is to completely unplug and get away from the world, then the lovely island of Hiddensee will leave you enchanted with its tranquility. A car free island, one can only travel here on foot, bike, or horse carriages. Travel back in time and create timeless memories at this little paradise in Germany!

Main attractions:
Unspoilt nature, no engines, no pollution, no noise – tranquility at its best!
Lighthouse – Dating back to the 18th century, this is a sight straight out of a Hollywood movie
Rich bird heritage- Hiddensee is a breeding and resting ground for a number of bird species
Sea buckthorn – Sea buckthorn is grown all over the island and used in cakes, juice drinks and schnapps

Best time to visit: Hiddensee is a great place to visit all-round the year

Your honeymoon is indeed going to be your vacation of a lifetime, make it unforgettable by doing what you both truly desire. Set up a honeymoon fund on Wishtry and let your loved ones part take in making your dream honeymoon a reality!

Make your honeymoon fund description elaborate and personal and let your guests know where you are exactly going and why, they would love to do their bit in feeding the wanderlust in you!

After all, who wouldn’t love contributing to experiences that last a lifetime, right?

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