Sample Wishtry, and you will LOVE it!

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Wishtry is India’s first online gifting portal that allows you to list the gifts you want for an occasion. It is beneficial not only for you, but for the loved one who is looking for a gift for you.

Sample Wishtry and you will fall in LOVE!

If the person gifting you something is close enough to you, he/she would want to make the occasion special with a special gift. And getting that special gift involves time, and then even a sleepless night or two as he/she hopes you’d like it.

Eliminate that stress for everyone. Just list what you want!

In an era where most things are getting tougher, Wishtry looks to simplify your life. All you need to do is register on Wishtry and list the occasion (birthdays, weddings, birth of your baby, new house, or anything else that requires a celebration) you are looking to celebrate. Follow this by adding the Wishtry bookmark to your browser. As you surf e-commerce websites (Amazon, Flipkart, or any other online store for that matter) you can keep adding things you’d require by using the Wishtry button that shows up as you scroll over items.

The same can be done through the offline route as well and you add gifts from any brick and mortar store that you like. All you need to do is list the store details, if you have them. Else, just list the item, and let your gifter to the rest.

Once you have your list ready, follow this by announcing the occasion and your Wishtry to your guest list. You can do so by keying in the email IDs of your invitees, or share your post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus.And bingo, they will start working to make your dream gift come true!

Remember, once you add the Wishtry button to your browser, you can pick any item you want to be gifted while you’re browsing the net. It really is that easy!

No wastage of gifts

Remember that gift received for Diwali in 2013 by your ex-work colleague, which you gave out to your current work colleague as an anniversary gift in 2017?

You don’t want to gift something with a 2012 manufacturing date in 2017, nor do you want to waste the scarce square feet available in your house by just parking it there.

Since you’re listing exactly what you want, high chances are that you will receive exactly what you want. This rules out the above mentioned merry-go-round gift phenomenon.

You can include as many gifts as you want and gifts to suit different budgets. Close friends/relatives might wish to gift you luxury premium items. But for that friend/colleague/relative that is coming for token attendance, a gamut of lower priced options could be given.

In our endeavour to make gifting easy, we are also rolling out Wishtry ‘Partner Offers’ and curated ‘Gifting Options’. Stay tuned for further announcements.If the Wishtry is being created for a wedding or the birth of a child, we love our traditional Indian gift- cash. Whether it’s getting those extra funds for your honeymoon, or you rather have cash in hand rather than a swanky new gift. Go ahead and say that on your Wishtry. Just list whatever you want! Like we said earlier, it’s about making life simpler!

Wishtry supports good causes


Wishtry can also be used for NGOs and those looking to raise funds for a cause. In fact it is a great place for fundraisers to make calls for donations.

Donors can pick who/what they want to support and then make the contribution.

PS: We don’t end our journey with the culmination of the event. Show some love and appreciation by using Wishtry’s feature that thanks your guests with customised ‘Thank You’ notes.

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