Wary of dinner sets as weddings gifts? So are we!

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When we hear the word ‘Wedding’, the melodious chiming of the ceremony bells instantly rushes our mind and ears. But with the tradition and grandeur associated with an Indian wedding, what also echoes along is a long siren of the preparatory tasks to be accomplished before the D day. With so much on hand and more in mind, gifts are probably not atop any couple’s priority task list. However, it works exactly opposite if you are a friend, family or a guest in the wedding, thereby making gifting a concern for both the couple and the guests alike. Well, Wishtry is here to bridge exactly this gap. Being the first of its kind gifting registry service in India, Wishtry is here to revolutionize the way we send and receive gifts by simplifying the process, while keeping both the functional and thought aspects of gifting intact.

For those who have never made or browsed a wedding registry before, here’s some advice from our experts that will help you make the most of your wedding wishlist. Although as we see it, it’s fairly simple; you have to shop for what you want and not pay! Sounds fun right?

Let’s get you started.

Opportunity favors the early:

In the traditional gifting process, we have all plead guilty of last minute gift decisions at one time or the other. However, when it comes to wishlist, timing is of key importance. If you procrastinate making your registry till the eleventh hour, not only will you not be 100% happy with it, but some of your guests would have already selected a gift of their choice by then. So get out of your last minute superhero suit and take the early bird flight on Wishtry.

Don’t do it alone:

You would want your registry to be a reflection of both yours’ and your fiance’s needs and wants, and hey, that is a little harder than what it sounds. So sit together and hone in on what you both need and want. Plan your registry as a couple. It will be the perfect start to the ‘less me and more we’ philosophy you are embarking upon.

Register for what YOU want:

Break free from the notions of what you are ‘supposed’ to ask for as a gift. If you are not the kinds to host formal dinners at home, what good will another fancy dinner set do to your new house? Our living spaces have downsized and our needs, multiplied. The last thing you want is a gift you will never use or cherish.
Want an adventurous holiday in the Jim Corbett? Your parents think asking for a coffee making machine worth 15k is insane? Add both.
After all, you know who is the best person to know what to gift you right? It’s you!

A good mix is the key:

Diversify your wish list across categories and price points, striking a balance between your needs and desires. Couples often make the mistake of choosing a lot of gifts from one single category that is currently holding their interest; plan well to avoid a lopsided registry. Don’t feel shy to add a few high priced products, while containing your excitement and adding low and mid-priced options too. And for those who believe in touching and feeling before choosing what to buy, Wishtry also allows you to add gifts from offline stores. Just add a clear picture, brief description, and accurate address of the stores where your guests can purchase the gift from. This will ensure every guest will be able to thoughtfully choose a gift that was carefully picked by you, while sticking to their budget and preferred mode of shopping.

Cash funds:

If you are a minimalist and would rather receive cash and spend on experiences and bigger goals of life, the cash gift fund feature of Wishtry allows you to set up a fund for just about anything – your honeymoon, a new car, and so on. Personalizing the cash fund with its purpose will make your guests feel they are investing in helping you achieve and experience something bigger and better, as opposed to impersonally handing out the cash to you in an envelope. Remember, in essence, asking for cash is the same thing as asking for a gift.

Say Thanks:

Acknowledging and thanking someone are one of the most pleasant exchanges that occur between two people. Wishtry allows you to express your gratitude to your guests the savvy way by using our customized thank you notes feature. Make it heartfelt, and make it prompt.

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