Drag and drop the "Add To MyWishtry " button onto your browser's bookmark bar. Once installed, just click it when you find an item online that you want to add to your gift list.

What is Cash Gift fund?

Set up a cash gift fund for anything you want and it will display at the top of your gift registry as an option for your guests! Cash gifts are ideal for group gifts, partial payment gifts, and those large expenses that you’re saving up for!

How do my Guests contribute?

Your guests will be able to easily contribute money to your Cash Gift Fund online using a credit card/debit cards/PayUMoney Wallets or via bank transfer.

Are there fees to Cash Gift fund?

Wishtry does not charge a fee to maintain and manage a cash gift fund on the website.

Are there any fees when sending the Cash Gift Fund?

Wishtry charges a nominal handling fee for sending your cash gift fund to your bank account, to ensure completion of transaction. The transaction fee is a flat 3.5% fee on the total amount received in the cash gift fund.

When can I withdraw the money?

The Cash Gift fund amount can be withdrawn at the end of your event date. There is no condition to fulfill the entire amount you have requested. At the end of your event date even if your entire fund has not been completed you can still request withdrawal for the amount you have received.

When will I receive my money?

You will receive the money within 7 business days after the completion of your event date. Wishtry will contact you after the event date and the money would be transferred to your bank account after deducting the fees.

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