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Wedding Wishtry September 08, 2016

Wedding Gift Registry - Gifts you will truly cherish!

Top Wedding Gift Registry Online in India

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Honeymoon in maldives
Desired Cash 50000
Received Cash 10000
Illinois Bar Cabinet in Provincial Teak Finish by Woodsworth
Desired: 2   Received: 2
Flitwick Barstool
Desired: 2   Received: 1
Philips Aquatouch AT890/16 Electric Shaver
Desired: 3   Received: 2
Pigeon All in One Super Cooker 3 Litres - Yellow
Desired: 2   Received: 0
Bose SoundLink Around Ear II Wireless bluetooth Headphones (Black, Over the Ear)
Desired: 1   Received: 1
Eavan Red & White Fit & Flare Dress
Desired: 2   Received: 1
Matte Black Blue Gradient Wayfarer Sunglasses
Desired: 3   Received: 0
Adidas Originals
Desired: 1   Received: 0
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